twentieth anniversary macintosh

Although officially produced in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Apple, the 20th Anniversary Mac was released close to a year after the fact.

The logic board was similar to that of the PowerMac 5500, and it was based on the same 603e processor, running at 250MHz.

The real innovation of the 20th Anniversary Mac was its unique shape, and advanced sound and video features. It came with an integrated TV/FM Radio System, an S-video Input, and a custom sound system designed by Bose, with integrated stereo speakers, and a separate sub-woofer. The TAM was a limited edition, and sold for nearly $10,000 U.S.

The version here comes with a G3-upgrade card from Sonnet at 400 MHz and an ethernet- and USB-PCI card. The hard drive is replaced with a 16 gb compact flash card and mac os system 9.1.


twentieth anniversary macintosh

Minimum OS: 7.6.1

Maximum OS: 9.1

Introduced: May 1997

Terminated: March 1998


CPU: PowerPC 603ev

CPU Speed: 250 MHz

FPU: integrated

Bus Speed: 50 MHz

Register Width: 32-bit

Data Bus Width: 64-bit

Address Bus Width: 32-bit

Level 1 Cache: 16 kB data, 16 kB instruction

Level 2 Cache: 128 kB DIMM


RAM Type: 168 pin DIMM

Min RAM Speed: 60 ns

Onboard RAM: 32 MB

RAM slots: 2

Maximum RAM: 128 MB

Expansion Slots: 7" PCI, comm II, video i/o, TV 


Monitor: 12.1" active matrix LCD

Max Resolution: 16 bit 800x600


Hard Drive: 2.0 GB


Floppy Drive: 1.4 MB SuperDrive

Optical Drive: 4x vertical mount CD-ROM


ADB: 1

Serial: 2 Mini DIN-8


Audio Out: stereo 16 bit mini

Audio In: stereo 16 bit mini

Speaker: stereo (SRS, with subwoofer)

Microphone: mono